SHOPS for agencies

SHOPS recognises the important role that agencies play in advising their clients on best practice in the home shopping industry. Similarly, direct marketing agencies recognise the crucial role that SHOPS has in the industry to maintain consumer confidence.

"Readers are six times more likely to respond to a SHOPS member."

According to recent research carried out by YouGov, 81% of readers said they are "more likely to respond" to advertising which is backed by SHOPS.  The main reasons given were "security and protection", "guarantees and confidence" and "additional consumer rights".

As a media-buying agency representing a SHOPS member you will need to be affiliated to SHOPS and pay an annual registration fee of £150. See our Agency Agreement form for details.

You can also register to have your details listed on our agency member database. Contact Martyn Plass, our information manager, for details.

We have also compiled a list of useful links to home shopping regulations, trade associations and other helpful sources of information.

If you have any further questions, try our FAQ page or view our Contact page.