1. What protection do I have as a reader shopping at home from a national newspaper?
In addition to your statutory rights SHOPS undertakes to protect your money in relation to home shopping advertisements, catalogues or inserts in national newspapers.
Industry guidelines include CAP guidelines for distance selling and the DMA codes of practice. Choose Useful links for more information.

2. How do I know if an advertiser is a SHOPS member?
Look for the SHOPS logo (as seen at the top left of this page) in the advertisement or catalogue. You can also search our member database to confirm their membership status. This also shows contact details in case you have lost or forgotten to take these down when placing your order!

3. Who should I contact if I have a problem with an advertiser?
If you have a problem with delivery or return of goods, first contact the advertiser. If you choose the SHOPS member database, the advertiser details should include a number to call for customer queries. If you cannot resolve your problem with the advertiser direct, then you should contact the customer services representative from the national newspaper where the advertisement appeared.

4. How long should it take for my goods to be delivered?
Unless the advertisement states otherwise, goods should be delivered within thirty days from the day after you sent your order.

5. What happens if the advertiser cannot deliver within thirty days?
The advertiser must inform you if there is a problem with delivery times. In this case you have the option of cancelling the order and obtaining a full refund.

6. What about returned goods?
You have the legal right to return most goods (excluding personalised items) for any reason within seven days of receiving them. If the goods delivered are not those which you ordered (e.g. the wrong size or colour) then the advertiser is obliged to refund you the cost of return postage. If you simply decide that you do not like the goods then the cost of returning them is usually the responsibility of the reader. However, a number of advertisers have their own ‘no quibble return policy’ and facilities for pick up of unwanted goods.

7. I have noticed that some newspapers run their own readers' offers. Are they covered by SHOPS?
They are not covered by SHOPS because each newspaper takes responsibility for its own readers' offers. Contact the readers' offer representative of the relevant national newspaper.



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